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Optics Wizards:
Free design/analysis tools
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We provide Free Optical Design to qualified customers:

  • No NRE charge for optical design (saves time to get PO approved and reduces your R&D budget).
  • Get a preliminary optical design from an experienced design team fast to support your concurrent engineering effort.
  • Our report will identify and offer ways to mitigate design and manufacturing risks to enable successful commercialization of your ideas.

We ask you to provide basic technical and project information in the following 3 steps.

Step 1: Tell us about your imager key specifications and object type:

Imager specification and object type:

Number of horizontal pixels:  
Number of vertical pixels:  
Pixel pitch (size) in m:  
Imager color filter array:  
Object type: The object is at infinity or nearly infinity. Choose this if you are not sure.
The object is at a finite distance.  For example, barcode imaging.


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