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Dove prisms are used as image rotators. As the prism is rotated, the image passing through will rotate at twice the angular rate of the prism.

  • Dove prisms can be used with parallel or collimated light.
  • Normally used in total-internal-reflection mode with the hypotenuse face un-aluminized.
  • The useful aperture can be doubled by aluminizing or silvering the hypotenuse face of two identical prisms with their faces cemented together.
  • Various coating options are available.

General Specifications:

Parameters Value
Material Bk7
Clear aperture 90%
Dimension tolerance +/-0.15mm
Surface flatness l/2
Angle tolerance +/-3 arc min
Surface quality 60-40

PN: DVE003
Description: Dove prisms, 15x21.2x63.4
A: 15
B: 21.2
C: 63.4
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