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Penta prisms deviate beams by 90 degrees. The deviation is independent of prism orientation. Due to geometry, the reflecting surfaces must be coated with a reflective coating.

  • Image is neither inverted nor reversed as it is deviated by 90 degrees.
  • 90-degree deviation angle applies to all rays transmitted by the useful aperture, regardless of the angles between these rays and the optical axis (or entrance and exit face normals).
  • Antireflection coatings are available for entrance and exit faces.

General Specifications:

Parameter Value
Material BK7
Dimensional tolerance +/-0.10mm
90 deg deviation tolerance 10 arc seconds
Surface flatness l/4
Surface quality 60-40
Coating AL with black lacquer overcoat

PN: PNP009
Description: Penta prism, precision grade, 15x15x16
A: 15
B: 15
D: 16
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