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Penta prisms deviate beams by 90 degrees. The deviation is independent of prism orientation. Due to geometry, the reflecting surfaces must be coated with a reflective coating.

  • Image is neither inverted nor reversed as it is deviated by 90 degrees.
  • 90-degree deviation angle applies to all rays transmitted by the useful aperture, regardless of the angles between these rays and the optical axis (or entrance and exit face normals).
  • Antireflection coatings are available for entrance and exit faces.
  • We also offer a precision grade penta prisms with tighter manufacturing tolerances.

General Specifications:

Parameter Value
Material BK7
Dimensional tolerance +/-0.15mm
90 deg deviation tolerance 3 arc min
Surface flatness l/2
Surface quality 60-40
Coating AL with black lacquer overcoat

PN Description A B D Volume Price
PNS005 Penta prism, standard grade, 12x13x14 12 13 14 Request Volume Quote
PNS009 Penta prism, standard grade, 15x15x16 15 15 16 Request Volume Quote
PNS011 Penta prism, standard grade, 20x20x22 20 20 22 Request Volume Quote
PNS013 Penta prism, standard grade, 25x25x27.1 25 25 27.1 Request Volume Quote

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