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Optical windows are used for protecting fragile optical components inside an assembly. UV grade fused silica provides better performance from UV to IR spectrum than standard BK7 windows. Also, it is the best choice in terms of thermal stability.

General Specifications:

Parameter Standard grade Precision grade
Selection code WFG10x WFG00x
Material Fused Silica Fused Silica
Dimensional tolerance +/-0.15 +/-0.15
Clear aperture >80% >80%
Surface quality 60-40 60-40
Parallelism 1 arc min 30 arc seconds
Wavefront distortion 1l per 25mm  l/10
Protective bevel <0.25x45 deg <0.25x45 deg
Coating Optional Optional

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Description Diameter Thickness Volume Price
WFG001 Optical Window, Precision, fused silica, D=10, t=6 10 6 Request Volume Quote
WFG101 Optical window, fused silica, D=10, t=3 10 3 Request Volume Quote
WFG003 Optical Window, Precision, fused silica, D=12.5, t=6 12.5 6 Request Volume Quote
WFG103 Optical window, fused silica, D=12.5, t=3 12.5 3 Request Volume Quote
WFG102 Optical window, fused silica, D=15, t=3 15 3 Request Volume Quote
WFG005 Optical Window, Precision, fused silica, D=25, t=6 25 6 Request Volume Quote
WFG105 Optical window, fused silica, D=25, t=3 25 3 Request Volume Quote
WFG006 Optical Window, Precision, fused silica, D=30, t=6 30 6 Request Volume Quote
WFG106 Optical window, fused silica, D=30, t=3 30 3 Request Volume Quote
WFG007 Optical Window, Precision, fused silica, D=50, t=10 50 10 Request Volume Quote
WFG107 Optical window, fused silica, D=50, t=3 50 3 Request Volume Quote

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