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Right-angle prism is the most common type of prisms. It is used to re-direct a beam of light at 90 degrees from the the incident direction or used as a 180 beam retro-reflector.  They are often coated with various optical coatings to form cubic beam splitters and color separation cubes used in various projection systems.

  • High transmission can be achieved, using the hypotenuse face in total internal reflection (TIR), with an antireflection coating on the entrance and exit faces.
  • The prism can be used as an internal or external mirror by applying a metallic coating on the hypotenuse.
  • We also offer standard grade for standard applications and ultra-precision grade right-angle prisms for critical applications.

General Specifications:

Parameter Value
Material BK7
Effective aperture 90%
Dimensional tolerance +/-0.15mm
Surface flatness l/2
Angle tolerance +/- 30 arc sec
Surface quality 60-40
Perpendicularity +/-3 arc min
Protective chamfer 45 deg
Coating Optional

PN: RPP001
Description: Right-angle prism, precision grade, 3.2
A: 3.2
B: 3.2
C: 3.2
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