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Achromatic doublet lenses ("achromat") are designed to eliminate chromatic and spherical aberrations inherent in singlet lenses.  When used on-axis,  an achromatic lens focuses an parallel input beam to a perfect "point", limited only by the effects of diffraction. This performance can be achieved over a broadband of wavelength.   Achromatic lenses can be used to collimate and focus laser beams.  They can also be used for high-quality imaging on-axis.  However,  the off-axis performance is significantly worse than the on-axis performance.  If your application requires good optical performance off-axis as well as on-axis,  multi-element lenses such as our digital imaging lenses are recommended.

For some applications it is desirable to have a high-quality lens with a lower f/# (for example,  collimating a diode laser with large divergence angle).  This can be done by adding a matching aplanatic meniscus lens to a doublet lens.  An aplanatic meniscus lens will shorten the focal length of the doublet lens (thus, lowering the F-num) without introducing additional spherical aberrations.

The following is the listing of our standard achromatic lenses.  They are all designed to achieve a wave-front aberration <1/4 wavelength.  You can also use lens design wizards to design custom achromatic lenses. Achromatic elements have a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) ranging from 100 to 1,000 units.

General Specifications:

Parameter Value
Default unit mm
Material Cemented crown and flint glasses
Focal length tolerance +/-2%
Diameter tolerance +0, -0.15mm
Center thickness tolerance +/-0.25mm
Centration 3 arc min
Surface quality 40-20
Coating Single layer anti-reflection coating centered at 550nm

PN: ACH012-040
Description: Achromatic doublet lens, D=12.5, EFL=40
Diameter: 12.5
EFL: 40
BFL: 37.54
Tc1: 3.73
Tc2: 1.33
Tc: 5.06
Te: 3.88
Radius1: 24.77
Radius2: 18.01
Radius3: 51.17
Material1: BK7
Material2: SF5
Meniscus Lens: MNP012-075
Volume Price: $31.60 (MOQ Range Applies) Request Volume Quote

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