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Optical windows are used for protecting fragile optical components inside an assembly. AR coated BK7 glass window is the most common type. It has good performance over visible and near infrared wavelength region.  We also offer fused silica windows and sapphire windows for wider spectral region and harsher environment. BK7 window is the lowest cost type of all three.

General Specifications:

Parameter Standard grade Precision grade Ultra-precision grade
Selection code WIN00x WIN10x WIN22x
Material BK7 BK7 BK7
Dimensional tolerance +/-0.15 +/-0.15 +/-0.15
Clear aperture >80% >80% >80%
Surface quality 60-40 40-20 20-10
Parallelism 1 arc min 30 arc seconds 1 arc min
Wavefront distortion 1l per 25mm  l/4  l/10
Protective bevel <0.25x45 deg <0.25x45 deg <0.25x45 deg
Coating Optional Optional Optional

PN: WIN225
Description: Optical window, Ultra-Precision, BK7, D=30, t=6
Diameter: 30
Thickness: 6
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