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Right-angle prism is the most common type of prisms. It is used to re-direct a beam of light at 90 degrees from the the incident direction or used as a 180 beam retro-reflector.  They are often coated with various optical coatings to form cubic beam splitters and color separation cubes used in various projection systems. Fused silica material offers excellent UV transmittance, and it is more thermally stable than BK7.

  • High transmission can be achieved, using the hypotenuse face in total internal reflection (TIR), with an antireflection coating on the entrance and exit faces.
  • The prism can be used as an internal or external mirror by applying a metallic coating on the hypotenuse.

General Specifications:

Parameter Value
Material Fused silica
Effective aperture 90%
Dimensional tolerance +/-0.15mm
Surface flatness l/4
Angle tolerance +/- 30 arc sec
Surface quality 40-20
Perpendicularity +/-3 arc min
Protective chamfer 45 deg
Coating Optional

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Description A B C Volume Price
RPF000 Right angle prism, UV fused silica, 10 10 10 10 Request Volume Quote
RPF001 Right angle prism, UV fused silica, 12.7 12.7 12.7 12.7 Request Volume Quote
RPF002 Right angle prism, UV fused silica, 25.4 25.4 25.4 25.4 Request Volume Quote

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