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Aplanatic meniscus lenses are used in conjunction with achromatic doublet lenses to form high quality,  low-f/# imaging systems.  Our standard meniscus lens selection is shown below.  Run lens design wizard to design custom meniscus lens of other configurations. Aplanatic meniscus lenses have a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) ranging from 100 to 1,000 units.

General Specifications:

Parameter Value
Default unit mm
Material BK7
Diameter tolerance +0, -0.1mm
Clear aperture 90%
Focal length tolerance +/-2%
Center thickness tolerance +/-0.2mm
Centration 3 arc min
Surface quality 60-40
Bevel 0.2-0.5mmx 45deg

PN: MNP012-085
Description: Aplanatic meniscus lens, D=12.5, EFL=84.5
Material: BK7
Index: 1.51872
Diameter: 12.5
EFL: 84.47
Tc: 2
Te: 1.6
Radius1: 16.492
Radius2: 25.352
Achromat: ACH012-045
Volume Price: $16Request Volume Quote

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