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Optics Wizards:
Free design/analysis tools
registration required

Optical wizards are free online tools (registration required) for assisting the selection of the proper optics for your applications:

  • Find a lens by imager specification:  Given the imager resolution and pixel pitch,  this tool will compute a list of imager key characteristics, and search our database for all matching lenses. It also calculates the field of view of each lens including the impact of distortion on the specified imager.
  • Field of view and EFL calculator: This tool will calculate the required lens effective focal length to achieve a desired field of view in degree or vice versa. This tool will work for all lenses including wide-angle and fisheye lenses with significant amount of distortion.
  • Depth of field calculator: This tool will calculate the depth of field and hyper-focal distance for a given lens focal length and f/# .  It requires user to enter the maximum blur size in m.  It works for both infinite and finite conjugate systems.
  • Imaging optics solver: For a given object and image size requirement, this tool calculates the required focal length of the lens based on first order optics.  It then recommends a suitable lens structure and focal length based on the object field size. It is a good starting point for solving finite conjugate problems.
  • Lens element designer:  This wizard designs lens element based on functional requirement. This is used to design a custom lens element if an off-the-shelf element does not meet your need.
  • Search imager database: We have built database of popular CMOS imagers from major suppliers. You can search for an imager based on manufacturer's name, PN and imager resolution. Once an imager is identified,  you can then go on to search for a list of compatible lenses.
  • Search lens by optical parameters: This is a collection of advanced search tools.

Also available: Educational literature and white papers.

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