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If an off-the-shelf solution can't meet your critical needs we can work with you to create a customized solution optimized for your application. We offer Free Optical Design for qualified customers. We have an extensive library of designs that we can fine-tune to meet your unique requirements in terms of performance, size, cost, schedule, etc. We employ state-of-the-art computer aided design tools. We have a long list of optical design success in applications such as:

  • Miniature fisheye lens (200 FOV).
  • Athermalized lenses (focus stable from -40C to +85C). Contact us for a white paper on lens athermalization.
  • Fisheye lens with tailored distortion to enhance edge resolution
  • Panoramic dewarping software
  • 100 HDTV lens with low distortion
  • 360 panoramic optics with multiple lenses
  • Automotive rear-view camera and license plate reading lenses
  • 22x zoom lens for security cameras
  • Barcode and passport reader lenses
  • Endoscope lenses with 140 field of view
  • Low profile lens for mobile imaging applications
  • Compact video-conferencing lenses

We will work with you to explore all leading edge optical technologies to create designs to meet or exceed your performance or/and cost expectations. Our unique background in optical manufacturing ensures that the selected design has excellent manufacturability and can be produced within your target price in our facility in China. We are established professionals with many years of experience in the US and Chinese optics industries. We can bridge the "gap" between the East and the West. Over the years, we have supplied customers worldwide with quality optics that have resulted in drastic savings for them. Let us do the same for you:

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