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Automotive applications Consumer imaging
These lenses are manufactured in our TS16949 certified factory in China for automotive applications. We offer Tailored Distortion™ technology (patent pending) to drastically reduce barrel distortion associated with ultra wide-angle lenses. These lenses are designed to achieve up to 170° field of view for consumer imaging applications such as sports action cameras. Precision molded plastic aspheric elements are used to reduce optical distortion using Sunex exclusive Tailored Distortion® designs.
Security/surveillance lenses Industrial imaging lenses
These lenses are designed for security/surveillance cameras where low light and day/night operations are important.  The lenses have a field of view up to 185 degrees (superfisheye).  Certain lenses are also spectrally optimized to cover the visible and the near infrared spectrum (NIR).  We also provide day/night exchangers and special IR cut-off filters. These lenses are used for finite object imaging applications such as face/object recognition, barcode capturing, machine vision, and bio-medical securities.  Their small size is compatible with a variety of hand-held products.  We can also integrate auto-focus technologies with these lenses.
Video conferencing lenses Medical applications
Typical video-conferencing cameras require lenses with high image quality and low distortion.  For high frame rates in low light situation, a lens with low f/# is required. We offer lenses with advanced optical technology incorporating high-index materials and aspherical elements in various imager sizes. We also provide IR cut-off filters and optical low-pass filters as part of a complete optical solution. We provide custom optics suitable for limited-use or disposable medical devices. These lenses are designed with bio-compatible materials and are assembled in class 10K clean room environment.
Fisheye lens for DSLR cameras Custom solutions
SuperFisheye® lenses with a field of view of 185 degrees are designed for digital SLR cameras such as the Canon 50D and Nikon D300. These lenses are useful for producing 360 degree panoramic images and fully immersive images (similar to Google Street View). We also provide panoramic rotators and proprietary Dewarper software for these lenses. Visit us at If off-the-shelf optics does not meet your application requirement, we can also work with you to design, prototype and mass-produce custom optics tailored to your specific needs. We manufacture quality optics in our facilities in China and provide professional support from our USA office.


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