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The following is a list of our super wide-angle (FOV: 120° - 170°), fisheye (FOV: 170° - 180°) and super fisheye (FOV >180°) lenses. When choosing a fisheye lens, it is important to match the lens image circle to the size of the CCD/CMOS imagers.  Download fisheye lens image circle vs. imager size diagram.  In addition, we also provide a distortion processing software for optimizing still images taken with these lenses. For DSLR SuperFisheye lenses,  please visit our sister site at:

To meet your unique application requirement, we can also customize these products or provide you a complete custom solution from design to volume production. 

PN Description Focal length(mm) f/# Field of view/
Depth of field
Recommended Holder Sample Price (1-99) Volume Price
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Dewarper Mini

Optical distortion is un-avoidable for ultra wide-angle and fisheye lenses.  Dewarper Mini is a plug-in (compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Corel Paintshop Pro) for optimizing distortion taken with Sunex miniature ultra wide-angle and fisheye lenses.  It remaps the pixels such that the processed image is optimized for the intended application.  This software is based on a new proprietary mathematical model developed by Sunex for real-world lenses.  Unlike other distortion correction software, Dewarper Mini does not assume that the lenses have either equidistant or equi-solid angle mapping.  All distortion types can be modeled including our Tailored Distortion™ lenses.  Software licensing is available for OEM applications.


Key features:

  • Distortion cancellation

  • Distortion tailoring

  • One-shot panorama

  • Spherical/cylindrical images for immersive virtual tours

  • 360 degree panorama

Price: $49 each license (Image editing programs not included).

Download User Guide with output image examples.


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