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In high-quality digital maging systems,  optical low-pass filters (OLPF) are used to eliminate color Moire fringes.  An OLPF cuts off the lens MTF above the sampling frequency of the imager resulting an overall MTF curve that approximates a step function in spatial domain.  IR cut-off function is often incorporated into OLPF as well.  See CCD/CMOS lens selection guide for discussion of OLPF and its impact on image quality. Download an application note on optical low-pass filters.

OLPFs are made of several cemented layers of optical quartz material. An IR cut-off coating and anti-reflection coating are applied to the external surfaces. If the IR cut-off filter type is absorptive,  the IR glass is inserted between the quartz layers.  Custom OLPF sizes and designs are also available. 

General Specifications:

Parameter Value
Default unit mm
Default dimensional tolerance +/-0.2mm
Coating External surfaces single layer MgF2, unless otherwise indicated
Effective area 90%
Surface flatness 3 fringes
Inclusion and dig <40 m within the effective area
Scratch width <10 m within the effective area
Chip and bevel Allowed only if outside the effective area

PN: LPF391-IRC30
Description: Optical low pass filter, with IR cut-off coating
PixelPitch: 3.9
Size: 10.0 x 9.0
Thickness: 0.66
IRFilterType: IRC30
Sample Price (1-99): $ 55
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